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Custom basses and guitars made by Xylem

Available at Chicago Music Exchange - SOLD! Ash custom bass with aguilar pickups, OBP-3 preamp

Xylem Custom Basses at Chicago Music Exchange

Jazz Demo of Xylem Custom Bass

Metal Demo of Xylem Custom Bass

Xylem basses and guitars are custom-built to your exact specifications.

At Xylem, "custom" means much more than simply choosing the color, pickups and fretboard of what is otherwise a standard-model instrument. Xylem creates truly custom basses and guitars that can be personalized down to the smallest detail. Your Xylem instrument will be perfectly suited you alone, and will allow you to play like never before.

Want something classic like a Fender or Gibson-inspired instrument? How about something more exotic, or completely unique? Your imagination is the only limit. Xylem can create the bass or guitar of your dreams.

Check out the orders page to order a custom bass or guitar, or see the available Xylem basses and guitars.

Latest Xylem Basses & Guitars

Bloodwood/maple bass guitar with Delano pickups 7 string custom bass, Nordstrand Big Singles pickups Custom guitar with Kahler tremolo, limba body


5-29-16: There are six new instruments to see at Xylem!
7 string "Sue" bass
4 string "Ryujin-Jakka" bass
6 string "Zuzax" guitar
…and three new custom basses in progress. One of which belongs to the bassist of Colorado Floyd, a Pink Floyd jam band from Colorado!

Colorado Floyd's logo, Pink Floyd cover band

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1-28-16: The "Zuzax" custom guitar will be played by its owner in the hip hop band Diabolical Sound Platoon!

Diabolical Sound Platoon, Hip Hop band logo

1-21-16: The "Sue" 7-string bass guitar will be at NAMM 2016 at the Kalium Strings booth!

12-6-11: Want a better slap bass tone? Check the new Xylem article:

Slap Bass - Techniques, Adjustments and Tricks to Develop Your Tone