Guitar and Bass Repair Services

Guitar and bass repair services are available to anyone in the world! You can ship your instrument to us or you can visit the shop in Durango, Colorado in person.

Please call 970-903-8185 or email to schedule your repair!

Guitar and bass repair services are available by appointment only.

Simple repairs can be done in a few days, complex repairs usually take less than a week.

Prices for common repairs are listed below. Prices do not include parts/materials costs and may vary depending upon the extent of the problem, nature of the instrument, and time frame in which the repair must be completed.

Pricing Estimates for Common Bass and Guitar Repairs
Repair Description Estimate
Restring A complete restring of the instrument $15
(not including strings)
Setup Includes restring and optimization of string height (action), intonation, neck relief, pickup height and improvement of overall playability
(add $10 - $25 if instrument has a tremolo)
$40 - $50
(not including strings)
String Nut Replacement Fabrication, fitting and adjustment of a new string nut $65
(not including material)
Fret Dressing/Leveling Leveling, re-crowning, and polishing of frets $115 - $150
Full Refret Replacement, leveling, crowning and polishing of frets $250 - $400
Partial Refret Replacement, leveling, crowning and polishing of selected group of frets $50 - $200
Pickup Replacement Installation of new pickup(s)
(add $60 - $100 if new cavity must be added to instrument)
$25 - $45 per pickup
Electrical Component Replacement Replacement of volume or tone potentiometer, switch, output jack, etc. $20 - $30 per component
(not including parts cost)
Wiring/Electrical/Shielding Ranges from re-wiring one broken connection to replacing all connections and shielding entire instrument to reduce electrical noise $15 - $120

All bass and guitar repairs are treated with the goal of making them better than new. Whether your instrument needs a major refret or a simple setup, I will work closely with you to make sure that the modifications I make to your instrument(s) completely satisfy your musical needs!

Anthony Olinger, Owner of Xylem Basses & Guitars