Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Bass & Guitar Artists

  • Jauqo III-X, Chicago Bassist, plays the Atma Xylem bass Jauqo III-X
    Chicago Bassist

  • Winterfire bassist Pete Hewitt, plays the Yggdrasil Xylem bass Pete Hewitt
    Bassist of Winterfire

  • Chicago-bassist Dina Simone with her Xylem bass Shishido Dina Simone
    Chicago Bassist

  • Colorado bassist Ronnie Hendricks playing the Lyudmila Xylem bass Ronnie Hendricks
    DragonTown Dan

  • TJ Sapp, guitarist extraordinaire and owner of the Vera Xylem guitar TJ Sapp
    Composer & Guitarist

  • Dave Meidinger playing his Xylem 7-string bass Dave Meidinger
    Some Guy On Bass

  • Woodland bassist Donald Brodsky, plays the Borysthenis Xylem bassDonald Brodsky
    Bassist of Woodland

  • Mark Smith, Fretless Bassist from Denver, plays the Austra Xylem bass Mark Smith
    Bassist of NURO