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Russ Crossland, Dude of Tone

Owner of the "Zuzax" Guitar

Russ Crossland, the Dude of Tone, playing the Xylem guitar Zuzax

The Xylem guitar "Zuzax" is played by Russ Crossland of Durango, Colorado. Russ plays in many bands, including Diabolical Sound Platoon and The Clods.

Music, guitars, and songwriting were a major part of Russ' everyday life while growing up. His grandfather was a professional musician who performed for a living in his later years. Russ' father also grew up playing music and was involved with several bluegrass and folk bands. Russ' grandfather taught him his first few chords over 25 years ago and he's been playing ever since.

Russ' passion lies within the six strings of a guitar. He tries to keep busy musically, and is a vibrant part of the music scene in Durango. He has founded or been a member of many bands, including Jack 10 High, the Cortez Rockers, the Moetones and many others.

Russ is originally from Canton, Georgia, but has lived in Colorado since 1995.

Russ Crossland, the Dude of Tone and player of the Xylem guitar Zuzax