Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

"Alessandra" 6 String Guitar

Custom guitar design with Knaggs-inspired body shape, inline headstock Custom guitar with maple burl top, wenge pickguard Long-scale guitar, ash body, burl top Electric guitar with wenge pickup and fretboard Custom guitar, maple burl body and headstock Xylem guitar with carved arm bevel, swamp ash body Long-scale guitar made of swamp ash, wenge and maple Custom guitar with Knaggs-inspired shape, swamp ash body Custom guitar with reverse-inline headstock Swamp ash guitar body with wenge neck shim Swamp ash electric guitar with Knaggs body shape 6-string guitar made of swamp ash, maple and wenge 6-string guitar with contoured body and neck heel Swamp ash custom guitar body with burl topwood Custom guitar body with deep arm bevel/contour Custom guitar body routed for two humbucker pickups Swamp ash custom guitar body with Stratocaster-inspired shape Contoured body bevel on a custom guitar body Carved horn of a swamp ash custom guitar Double-cutaway custom guitar body Swamp ash guitar body, double-cutaway design Electric guitar body with maple burl top, ash core Electric guitar body made of swamp ash Swamp ash custom guitar body with burl topwood Red maple burl topwood on swamp ash guitar body Stratocaster-style custom guitar with maple burl top Custom guitar neck with wenge fingerboard, burl headstock Xylem custom guitar neck with burl headstock Custom guitar neck of maple and wenge Guitar headstock with reverse-inline tuners Guitar headstock with reverse-inline tuners, back Maple/wenge custom guitar neck, back Custom guitar neck with Xylem logo, wenge fretboard Maple custom guitar neck w/ wenge fingerboard Wenge fingerboard on a maple guitar neck, 22 frets Maple/wenge guitar neck before headstock ears are attached to headstock Maple neck blank for a custom 6-string guitar Maple neck blank with ash headstock/scarf joint Custom guitar neck blank with truss rod channel routed, made of maple