Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Lefty 4 String Bass Build

Build of a lefty custom bass with a 35" scale length, EMG PJAX pickups in P/J Bass positions, EMG BQC System preamp and Hipshot hardware. The neck will be made of Peruvian walnut with an ebony fretboard, while the body will have a black walnut core with bloodwood/wenge tops on front and a Peruvian walnut top on back with maple accents. The large horn will be a ball scroll and the bass will have a string-thru body design.

Lefty custom bass design with ball scroll Ebony fretboard, Peruvian walnut neck for a bass build Peruvian walnut neck with slotted ebony fretboard Ebony fretboard with 24 fret slots cut into it Peruvian walnut neck with ebony fingerboard, back Peruvian walnut neck for a custom bass Headstock of an in-progress custom bass build Four-string bass headstock with bloodwood cap 35 inch scale custom bass neck in construction Peruvian walnut neck with Xylem-style headstock for a custom bass Custom bass neck for a 35 inch scale bass guitar Custom bass neck with ebony fretboard and bloodwood headstock cap Custom bass neck with ebony fretboard, 35 inch scale Xylem logo inlay on a custom bass headstock Lefty bass guitar neck with Xylem headstock shape Carved bass guitar neck for a lefty custom bass Volute of a four-string custom bass neck with Peruvian walnut veneer Peruvian walnut neck with carved profile Xylem bass guitar neck during construction, after profile was carved Custom bass guitar neck with maple neck heel, Peruvian walnut core Carved profile of a Xylem bass guitar neck Lefty custom bass body with bloodwood top Lefty bass guitar build with control cavity, Peruvian walnut top Lefty custom bass body with battery compartment in control cavity Peruvian walnut top with maple accent on a custom bass body Lefty bass guitar body with P/J pickup routes Left handed custom bass body with ball scroll Bloodwood/walnut custom bass body, left-handed Lefty custom bass with walnut body, bloodwood and wenge laminates Multiple laminates on a lefty custom bass body Carved bevels on a lefty custom bass guitar body Lefty bass build after carving arm and body bevels Bloodwood/walnut custom bass body in construction Custom bass body during the build process, back Back of a left handed custom bass guitar body Black walnut and Peruvian walnut bass body with maple accents Left handed bass guitar during the build process Xylem bass guitar in construction, back Walnut custom bass guitar build, back Custom bass guitar with ball scroll, walnut body Neck heel with multiple laminates on a custom bass guitar 35 inch scale electric bass during the building process Lefty long scale bass guitar build with bloodwood top Custom bass build with ebony fretboard, bloodwood top, walnut body Electric bass guitar build with ball scroll, ebony fretboard Left handed electric bass build with P/J pickup configuration Bloodwood and wenge tops on the arm bevel of a custom bass Long scale lefty bass guitar after its first coat of Danish oil finish Left handed bass guitar build with P/J pickup pockets Bloodwood/walnut custom bass guitar build shortly after oil finish Lefty custom bass build, 35 inch scale, walnut body Lefty custom bass build with Peruvian walnut body, Danish oil finish Electric bass build, walnut body, ball scroll