Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

"Ozma" Single-Cutaway Bass

Single-cutaway bass guitar design with Fender pickups Whale-back bass guitar with ash/limba body, maple neck Whale-back custom bass w/ maple neck, limba/ash body Bolt-on custom bass with single-cutaway body style Bolt-on custom bass with single-cutaway body style, back Bolt-on neck of a custom bass guitar, limba/ash body Single-cut bass with maple neck, ash body Black limba bass guitar with single-cut shape, maple neck Maple custom bass neck with limba dot inlays Maple bolt-on bass neck with dot inlays Bolt-on bass neck with maple fretboard Custom bass neck made of maple and black limba Single-cut bass body with Jazz Bass style horn Single-cut bass guitar with ash core, black limba top Body bevel of an ash/limba custom bass Ash/limba custom bass guitar body, single-cutaway Ash custom bass body with single-cut design Custom bass body, single-cut design, black limba/ash Single-cutway custom bass body, hand-carved Ash and limba custom bass body with front mounted control cover Ash and black limba bass guitar body with ash control cover Single-cut custom bass body made of ash and limba Single-cut custom bass body before carving Single-cut custom bass guitar with ash control cover Ash bass guitar body blank Ash bass guitar body blank, back Black limba topwood for a custom bass, bookmatched Black limba topwood for a custom bass, bookmatched, back Black limba bass guitar headstock, 4 string Custom bass neck made of maple, ash, black limba Black limba veneer on a custom bass headstock Maple and limba custom bass neck with carved profile 33" scale bass neck with limba side dot markers