Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Ordering a Custom Bass or Guitar

To order an instrument or get a price quote please call 970-903-8185 or email anthony@xylembassguitar.com
Xylem ships instruments worldwide!

Xylem instruments are fully custom and can be designed to fit your preferences. To learn more about customizing your instrument please explore the electronic order form below:

Xylem Custom Bass & Guitar Order Form

Trouble with the form? Unsure about the instrument you want? Contact Xylem and we will be happy to help!

Xylem instruments come with a lifetime guarantee to the original owner.


Xylem basses and guitars start at the following prices:

4-String Bass - $4000
5-String Bass - $4500
6-String Bass - $5500
7-String Bass - $6000
8-String Bass - $6500
9-String & Above - Contact for Pricing

6-String Guitar - $4000
7-String Guitar - $4500
8-String Guitar - $5000
9-String Guitar - $5500
10-String & Above - Contact for Pricing

The prices above include the following features:

  • right- or left-handed
  • fretted or fretless
  • up to 24 frets, your choice of size
  • fret marker dots on edge of neck
  • any scale length between 24-26 inches (guitars) or 30-36 inches (basses)
  • many body shapes (certain shapes increase price)
  • your choice of body and neck woods (certain species increase price)
  • set or bolt-on neck, single-piece, your choice of profile, width and thickness
  • your choice of bridge (certain bridges increase price)
  • two pickups, your choice (certain pickups increase price)
  • master volume, master tone and blend controls
  • Hipshot Ultralite tuners
  • Danish oil or Teak oil finish

Further customization of your instrument (i.e. fanned fret designs, preamp, topwood layers, neck lamination, etc.) may increase its price.

Prices for common additional instrument features are listed below. If you have a feature you'd like incorporated into your guitar or bass that is not listed below please contact us.

Topwood - $600 per layer (certain woods, such as ebony, quilted maple and burls cost additional)
Fanned fret (multi-scale) design - $850 (basses w/ 6+ strings and guitars with 8+ strings may cost additional)
Pinstripe accent veneer (thin stripe of wood between topwood and body core) - $75
Preamp - $300-$400 (depending on preamp)
Neck binding - $250
3-, 5-, or 7-piece neck laminates - $300, $500, $700
Additional frets (beyond 24) - $75 each
Dot markers on fretboard face (single dots, w/ double dots @ 12th & 24th) - $200
String-thru back of instrument - $150
String-thru bottom edge of instrument - $300
Neck-thru design - $750
Killswitch (stutter switch) - $100
Fretboard/body inlays - Dependent on inlay design, please contact for quote

Please Contact Xylem for an exact price quote on your custom instrument.

Ordering Process

A non-refundable deposit for half the instrument's cost is required before design and construction begin. The deposit can be paid all at once, or in smaller monthly payments, as low as $100/month. Your first payment, regardless of the amount, will hold your place in line. Xylem accepts cash, money orders, checks, and credit card payments through PayPal.

Anthony will never sacrifice quality or rush construction to reach a deadline date of completion, but he will give you an estimated time to completion upon receipt of your deposit. Time to completion will vary depending on the nature of your instrument and the number of instruments on order. Anthony will mail or email you an image of the full-size drawing of your instrument for your approval before construction begins.

Xylem will ship or deliver your instrument once it has been paid for in full. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, insurance fees, taxes and import duties. All sales final. Custom instruments are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Thank you for your interest in Xylem custom basses and guitars!

As a luthier, I aim to build instruments that enhance the talents of their musicians, and aid them in realizing their goals, gaining inspiration and connecting with their audiences. I work closely with all my clients to design and build instruments that will suit them symbiotically and help them achieve and excel in their musical endeavors.

-Anthony Olinger, Owner of Xylem Basses & Guitars