Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Xylem Handmade Basses & Guitars' Return Policy

Please Note: the following return policy only applies to instruments that were purchased through the Xylem website using a "Buy Now" button. This policy does not apply to instruments ordered using the custom instrument order form, or to instruments purchased directly from a music store.

All returns must be shipped back to Xylem no later than 14 days after the item was received by the purchaser. The purchaser must also notify Xylem of their intent to return the item, before shipping it, by calling 970-903-8185. Failure to do so will result in additional fees.

Purchaser is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs and any damage incurred to the item during return shipping. If the instrument is not returned in its original condition the customer is financially responsible for all repairs. Assessment of and repairs to Xylem instruments must be performed by a Xylem luthier.

If Xylem determines that the reason for return is due to a defect in the product itself the purchaser will be reimbursed for return shipping and insurance costs. Refunds for cash purchases will be issued by check within 45 business days after Xylem's receipt of the item being returned. Refunds of credit/debit purchases will be issued by a credit to the original card.