Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

6 String Bass Build - Ash, Ebony & Rosewood w/ Nordstrand Zen Blades

Build of a six-string custom bass guitar. The body will be made of swamp ash with a Bolivian rosewood top on the front (a NON-Dalbergia rosewood). The bass will have a very traditional body shape, a reverse-inline headstock, string-thru design and 33.5" scale length. The maple neck will have an ebony fretboard with maple stringers. The bass will also feature a Nordstrand preamp with Zen Blade pickups and Hipshot Ultralite tuners with an A-Style bridge.

Design of a custom 6-string bass with traditional body shape Rock maple neck blank for a 6-string bass Rock maple neck blank for a 6-string bass, back Back of a rock maple neck blank for a 6-string bass guitar Ebony fretboard on a six-string bass neck blank Neck blank for a Xylem custom bass guitar with ebony fretboard Low angle shot of an ebony fretboard on a bass guitar neck blank Xylem bass neck blank with ebony fretboard and rock maple core Black bass guitar neck with white stripes down either side Bass neck in the building process, before headstock ears get glued to neck core Truss rod adjustment nut on a 6-string bass neck blank Maple laminate neck blank for a custom bass Maple neck blank with maple stringers Bolivian rosewood bookmatched for bass guitar tops Three bookmatched sets of Bolivian rosewood Custom 6-string bass neck with ebony fretboard, rosewood headstock Bolivian rosewood caps on a 6-string bass headstock Maple bass neck with reverse-inline headstock Reverse-inline headstock of a six-string bass 6-string bass headstock with inline tuners, rosewood veneer Custom 6-string bass neck with ebony fingerboard Compound radius on an ebony fretboard of a six-string bass neck 6-string bass body with Bolivian rosewood top 6-string bass guitar body before carving Swamp ash 6-string Xylem bass guitar body Custom bass body made of swamp ash, Bolivian rosewood Bass guitar body with pickup, neck and contro cavity routes 6-string bass guitar body with humbucker pickup routes Swamp ash custom bass guitar body with matching control cover Swamp ash 6-string bass body before carving Fender style cutaways on a swamp ash custom bass body Body for a 6-string custom Xylem bass guitar 6-string bass neck with ebony fretboard, maple stringers Reverse inline headstock of a 6-string Xylem bass Xylem 6-string bass guitar neck after carving Compound radius on an ebony fretboard of a 6-string bass neck Carved profile of a 6-string Xylem bass neck Back of a reverse-inline bass headstock with white and black outlines 6-string bass guitar neck with reverse-inline headstock