Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Jauqo III-X

Owner of the "Atma" Bass

Chicago bassist Jauqo III-X and his 8-string Xylem bass

Anthony Olinger of Xylem Basses & Guitars may be young in age and in the world of luthiery but the quality of his art speaks as if he's working with an old soul beside him.

I feel that Anthony is right there with the greats/legends of modern luthiery: Alembic, Fodera, Ken Smith, Spector, Pre-Gibson Tobias/MTD and Carl Thompson.

I'm the proud owner of an 8 string Xylem; it has a 32" scale and it plays flawlessly, has extremely super low action, balances great sitting or standing and it has no neck dive at all. The overall craftsmanship is second to none. Sound is subjective so for me the bass sounds great, and when it comes to tone it's super versatile. Anthony was super easy to work with and not high maintenance at all, while being very attentive every step of the way to what he felt would give me the instrument that I was aiming for overall.

Anthony, thanks for being such the talent that you are.

—Jauqo III-X

Jauqo is a renowned Chicago bassist. Be sure to check out his website: http://www.jauqoiii-x.com/ where you can learn more about Jauqo, his musical talent and his services.

Xylem Basses & Guitars is proud and very excited to have Jauqo as an Endorsing Artist!