Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Dina Simone

Owner of the "Shishido" Bass

Chicago bassist Dina Simone playing her Xylem bass "Shishido"

Multi-instrumentalist Dina Simone’s forthcoming debut EP crosses genres with uniquely crafted, brutally honest songs. The Chicago soul singer delivers with volcanic intensity that’ll leave you satisfied, yet wanting more.

Dina launched her solo career as a live-looping artist in 2019 after a decade playing bass on Chicago stages with popular local acts, including Dance Bullies, ManCub, Baby Money and The Down Payments, and The Reverent Few.

Catch Dina captivating an audience near you. Check out the vibe at: dinasimonemusic.com.

Xylem artist Dina Simone playing her Xylem bass guitar on stage

Dina Simone playing her four-string Xylem bass