Xylem Custom Basses and Guitars

Pete Hewitt, Bassist of Winterfire

Owner of the "Yggdrasil" Bass

Winterfire bassist Pete Hewitt and his Xylem bass

The Xylem bass "Yggdrasil" is played by Pete Hewitt of Winterfire, a highly talented metal band from the United Kingdom.

Winterfire recently released their debut album The Beckoning Silence! You can buy the new album here in digital form, or as a CD.

Before you buy the album, you can listen to Winterfire songs on the Winterfire Sound Cloud. Also be sure to Like Winterfire on Facebook!

Read what Pete has to say about his Xylem bass in the full review.

Cover of The Beckoning Silence, Winterfire's debut album

Pete Hewitt, bass player of Winterfire and owner of Yggdrasil

Winterfire's band members in a snowy landscape